Student Activities and Organizations

The College believes that activities outside the classroom enrich, supplement, and provide a testing ground for classroom learning. These activities offer opportunities for students to enjoy social growth and for the development of values and insights. The Division of Student Affairs works with students and faculty to provide activity programs appropriate to students needs and seeks to provide an environment in which students may become self-disciplined, self-reliant, and socially sensitive individuals.  

Students have the opportunity to become members of UACCB clubs and organizations. They may take part in College-sponsored activities for which they are eligible. Hobby, social, or civic clubs may be organized by students. To establish a club, see the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for more information. All student organizations must have faculty and/or staff sponsors.


Formation of Student Organizations

Any group petitioning for recognition as a student organization must present a constitution, following a standard form to facilitate reference, to the Vice Chancellor for Student AffairsOne typewritten copy of the proposed constitution, together with the names of promoting students and faculty advisor(s), must be submitted to Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs who will seek review and approval from (1) the appropriate chartering body and (2) the Cabinet. The granting of final authorization to extend recognition will be determined by the Chancellor. During the time that its application for recognition is being considered, the group may not sponsor speakers or other activities in the name of the proposed organization.

The constitution must contain the following information:

  • name of the organization
  • purpose of the organization (see clarity points below)
  • membership and officer eligibility requirements (see clarity points below)
  • listing of officers by title, and any special functions of officers
  • statement of the terms of the officers and the time and method of election 
  • frequency of meetings
  • statement of any membership dues (amount and frequency of payments should be stated in the by-laws) and statement that provides provisions for disposition of any funds in the event of the dissolution of the organization 
  • provision for faculty advisors
  • any other provisions relating to the purpose and function of the particular organization
  • statement of nondiscrimination prohibiting discrimination on the basis or age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or veteran status - However, a student organization formed to foster or affirm the sincerely held religious beliefs of its members may adopt a nondiscrimination statement that is consistent with those beliefs. 
  • In some instances, an organization's governing document will be known as "by-laws" instead of a "constitution" based on existing language. 



Purpose of the Organization
The statement of purpose shall be acceptable if: 

  • it is reasonably clear and specific as to the aims and activities of the organization
  • it is in harmony with the United States constitutional form of government
  • the stated aims and activities of the organization are compatible with the purpose of the College


Size and Continuity
No maximum or minimum number of members shall be required for initial recognition. The group petitioning, however, and the anticipated membership as represented by the eligibility requirements, should be sufficient to give reasonable prospects of continuity for the organization and ability to carry out the purposes stated in the constitution. For the continuing recognition of an organization, a minimum of five members normally will be expected.


Membership and Officer Eligibility Requirements and Records
No campus organization may offer any type of membership to persons not meeting the eligibility requirements stated in this section.

  1. Voting membership in recognized student organizations shall be limited to students enrolled in at least three credit hours. Accurate membership records must be maintained and available to the faculty advisor. 
  2. Officers must be regularly enrolled students. To be eligible to serve as an officer in a recognized student organization, a student organization, a student must have a grade point average of 2.0 cumulatively, and not be on disciplinary or academic probation at the time the student petitions for office. 
  3. A student office who is placed on academic or disciplinary probation during his or her term of office may be removed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  4. A student officer who is not performing his or her duties may be removed from office on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. 
  5. When an election is held in a recognized student organization, the names of the new officers must be transmitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs within one week. 
  6. Only associate, nonvoting membership in a recognized student organization my be offered to UACCB faculty, professional administrative staff, and non-students. 




Change or Withdrawal of Student Organization

Any change or amendment affecting the nature of purpose of the organization as originally approved must also be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs pending a review of the actions of the organization within a reasonable period of time:

  1. When election of officers, as specified in the constitution, is passed twice without an action having been reported to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for  Student Affairs.
  2. When the organization does not show a reasonable amount of activity in promoting the ends and purposes specified in its constitution as evidenced by membership meetings and other activities. (Recognized students organizations are expected to comply when requested by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to provide a brief report on their year's activities)
  3. When a recognized student organization fails to conduct its activities in accordance with its constitution and with the procedures and limits set forth by the College for student organizations. 
  4. When a recognized student organization fails to reregister with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student affairs on a yearly basis. 

Following review, the final decision to continue recognition, impose censure, place on temporary probation with conditional recommendations, or place on temporary or permanent suspension of recognition will be made by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, subject to appeal to the Chancellor of the College. 

Any organization suspended through inactivity may be reactivated by application to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for activities by a group reaffirming its existing constitution and showing reasonable prospects of organizational continuity. Recognition shall be withdrawn from any organization maintaining inactive status for two years. 



Student Organization Advisors 

An advisor is the faculty or staff member(s) selected by an organization to officially advise the group.  At least one advisor should attend all organizational meetings and activities occurring on campus. All student organizations must have one or more qualified advisors. When the membership exceeds 25, organizations are urged to obtain an additional advisor.

Any full-time faculty or staff member at UACCB may serve as an advisor to a student organization.  The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs should be notified of any change in advisors.

A faculty or staff member who meets the qualifications for an advisor and who agrees to the request of a student organization to serve as its advisor should encourage that organization in its purposes and activity within the limits of College policy. Advisors should be familiar with:

  • the policy and other College regulation pertaining to student organizations
  • the constitution and purposes of the student organization they are advising
  • the activities and projects of their organization

Speakers and special programs sponsored by student organizations must be made known to the advisor and be in accordance with standards set forth by UACCB. 



Student Organization Funds and Fundraising (Solicitation)

All registered student organizations are required to keep all organization funds in a UACCB agency account maintained by the College. All funds raised must be deposited into a student organization account which must be set up through the UACCB Business Office. Student organizations have one business day following a fundraising activity to deposit the funds raised into the agency account.

Each registered student organization is allotted $500 per academic year.  Organizations must submit a UACCB Student Organization Activity Expense Approval Request form to either the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs two weeks prior to the proposed event date.  If approved, the expense will be taken from the student activities account.  If this is a club fundraising activity, the Student Organization Fund-Raising Request Form associated with UACCB On- and Off-Campus Solicitation Procedure 240.0 should be used.

Student organizations who have expended all $500 allotted for the academic year can request additional funds, up to $500, through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office in conjunction with either the SGA president or treasurer if funding is available.

In order to protect the privacy of individual students as well as to maintain harmony and good will within the UACCB service area, the following policy for solicitation has been adopted:

Organizations desiring to sell or solicit on or off campus must obtain permission from the Director of Development. Student organizations may be permitted to hold fundraising events on campus under the following conditions:


  1. Student organizations may hold fundraising activities (solicitations) that are reasonable and appropriate given the organizations purpose. Fund-raising activities (solicitations) shall be defined as (1) requesting donations, without products or services being rendered or (2) activities which raise funds through the sale of merchandise or services for the benefit of the recognized organization, for the educational purposes of UACCB or for the selected philanthropic project of the organization.  Off campus solicitations are not to occur more once per year for each requesting organization.
  2. A Student Organization Fundraising Request Form must be completed (this includes receiving all of the appropriate signatures) prior to any fundraising activity being held.  This form can be found with UACCB Operating Procedure 240.0 On and Off-Campus Solicitation. The director of Development will review the request for eligibility (recognized student organization; number of previous events held during the academic year) and appropriateness (for benefit of the student organization rather than the benefit of an outside vendor; consistency with purpose of the organization).
  3. Promotional materials, posters, signs, etc. should be in compliance with the established policies stated in the UACCB Student Handbook. These policies, among other things, prohibit posting of signage on building surfaces. Clean up would also include removal of posting materials, posters, signs, etc. Signs, banners, posters, promotional material etc. posted by the organizations should not directly or indirectly promote commercial enterprises not having existing contracts with the College.
  4. The sale of food items may be restricted by the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration and must have prior approval. The sale or distribution of alcoholic items is prohibited.
  5. All events are subject to general College policies contained in the Student Handbook. Failure to comply with College policies may preclude an organization from having additional fundraising events.



Student Organization Directory 

The faculty and staff at UACCB encourage students to participate in student organizations. If you have questions concerning student activities, events or organizations, contact the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.  The list below consists of student organizations that currently have an active membership, or a previous active membership.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry
The Baptist Collegiate Ministry at UACCB has an open membership for any student enrolled in the College. Meetings and activities encourage student fellowship and help students develop leadership skills.

Debate Club
The purpose of this organization is to teach students communication skills that will help them communicate and be persuasive with individuals of diverse backgrounds across various topics. Students will become educated on a wide range of topics and learn to articulate their points on a competitive, intercollegiate level. Students will improve their research, organization, and writing skills through their participation in this organization. 

eSports and More
The eSports and more allows students to play video games at the competitive level and attend tournaments as well as unite students of similar interests.  This includes: video games, trading card games, tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and anime.  This is a free social organization so students and former students can freely express themselves.  Students are to come when their studies are finished.

First Generation College Students
The purpose of the First Generation Student Organization (FGSO) is to raise awareness within the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville's (UACCB) student and professional community through activities and programs designed to support the education of first generation students. By having an organized student body of first-generation students, we aim to increase the likelihood of first-generation success at the UACCB.

FFA Alumni
The purpose of UACCB FFA Alumni is to support and promote the FFA, FFA activities and agricultural education on local, state and national levels; to provide engagement opportunities to former FFA members and supporters of FFA and agricultural education; to promote greater knowledge of the agricultural industry and support education in agriculture; to cooperate with the local FFA chapter, in addition to the state and national FFA associations; to promote and maintain an appreciation of the American free enterprise system, and to promote the personal development aspect of FFA.

Multicultural Student Association
he Multicultural Student Association fosters and educates the campus community regarding the culture of historically underrepresented students. The MSA encourages scholarship and the development of leadership skills. Membership is open to all students with an interest in and appreciation for diverse cultures.

Non-Traditional Student Organization
he purpose and function of this organization shall be to identify the needs of the non-traditional students and to provide a means by with these needs are addressed.

Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages excellence. The primary goals are to promote leadership and service among students. This is a primary honor society for two-year students.

Student Government Association
he Student Government Association at UACCB is established to effectively represent the interests and the opinions of the Student Body on matters that affect our lives, to promote projects beneficial to the Student Body, and to serve as an official voice of the Student Body on matters of policy and implementation.

The purpose of this organization is to establish a running and fitness routine that can be sustained indefinitely as part of individual health and wellness. Members will have the opportunity to participate in weekly informal fitness events hosted by the organization. Interested members will attend area fitness events and represent UACCB in various fitness challenges. These include by are not limited to: 5K run/walks, 10 runs, 15K runs, half-marathons, marathons, trail runs, walking events, cycling events, running or cycling relays, duathlons and triathlons. This is a free social organization for students and former students of like-minded interests. students can participate when their studies are finished. This organization will focus on connecting students and employees with interest in overall fitness and outdoor enjoyment. It will promote health and wellness in the student body and the community. 

The purpose of this organization is to provide a safe space to motivate the student body to open themselves up to diversity, especially diverse sexual and gender-related orientation. This organization aims to bring together like minded individuals and raise awareness on a variety of issues facing LGPTQ+ community. Unity is also here to foster relationships with others, creating a community for those who may feel out-casted from the larger student body here at UACCB. We strive to connect people through activity & discussion, finding a balance meant to make many feel welcomed and involved and to give individuals a safe environment to be themselves.