Registration and Attendance

College registration refers to the process by which individuals apply to and enroll in a college or university to pursue higher education. It typically involves a series of steps that students must complete to secure their spot as a student at the institution. The UACCB Academic Calendar indicates the registration dates for each academic term (semester).

Registration is officially completed when the student pays or makes arrangements for paying tuition and fees with the Business Office. The Business Office and the student retain a copy of the student’s registration. Appropriate data will be entered into the college data system. Data entered and the reports generated will be the basis for official college records. The data records are kept by the Registrar. Unless the student drops prior to the refund date, the student is financially responsible for course(s) in which he or she registers.


Schedule Changes

Students may add or remove courses from their schedules until the final date for schedule changes listed in the Academic Calendar. No classes may be added or changed to another after the published deadline in the academic calendar without permission from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.



Students are expected to be diligent in the pursuit of their studies and regular in their class attendance. Students have the responsibility of making arrangements satisfactory to the instructor regarding all absences. All attendance related guidance, as defined by the instructor and described in the syllabus for each class, may be penalized, including failure of the course.  It is students’ responsibility to be informed of the course policies of each instructor. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. The appropriate withdrawal process as per Campus Procedure 585.1 Process for Withdrawal must be followed. Students who have not participated in a course by the 11th day of the semester as posted in the Academic Calendar may be dropped from that course as per Campus Procedure 585.0 Census Data Reporting.


Auditing Classes

Auditing a course(s) requires official admission to the College, approval of the student’s advisor and payment of the regular tuition and fees for the course(s). Students auditing courses are subject to the same regulations as other students with regard to registration and attendance, but they neither take examinations nor receive quality points or hours earned for the course(s).  An auditing student who does not wish to complete the course(s) must complete official withdrawal/drop procedures as defined in Campus Procedure 585.1 Process for Student Withdrawal . Audited courses will be shown on the student’s official transcript as “AU.” Students wanting to audit a course must complete the Request to Audit a Course form.


Course Load

For fall and spring terms, a student must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours (per term to include all fast terms) to be classified as a full-time student. For summer terms, students must enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours during a term to be classified as a full-time student. Students receiving Title IV aid are required to complete 12 total credit hours during summer terms. The maximum allowable course loads are as follows by term:

  • Fall Full Term: 21 Credit Hours (including Fall 1 and Fall 2 terms)
    • Fall 1 Term-11 Credit Hours
    • Fall 2 Term-11 Credit Hours
  • Spring Full Term:  21 Credit Hours (including Spring 1 and Spring 2 terms)
    • Spring 1 Term: 11 Credit Hours
    • Spring 2 Term: 11 Credit Hours
  • Summer Full Term: 14 Credit Hours (Including Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms)
    • Summer 1 Term: 7 Credit Hours
    • Summer 2 Term: 7 Credit Hours

 Any request to exceed the maximum allowable course load must be pre-approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

NOTE: Students on Academic Probation as defined by Campus Procedure 501.0  Academic Standards of Progress, may carry restricted course loads.