Grade Status Codes

In addition to course grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “F,” students may receive the following grade status designations.

Status Codes Description Quality Points
I Incomplete 0
W Withdrawn 0
AU* Audit 0
CR Verified Competency 0
GP Grade Pending 0
MW Military Withdrawal 0
AW Administrative Withdrawl 0

*Must be declared no later than the first week of class and will not qualify for financial aid.

Incomplete (I): The grade “I” should only be assigned when a student has not completed a significant component of a course (i.e. an exam, paper or project) and the student has a valid rationale for this failure.

A student receiving an “I” must meet with his/her instructor and contractually make arrangements to complete the course requirements no later than the end of the next regular semester (fall or spring). The student should maintain a copy of this contract for reference. The instructor, division chair and the Director of Student Information/Registrar will also keep copies of the contract.

Faculty members will submit the grade by the end of the next regular semester following the one in which the “I” designation was received. The college will change the “I” designation to a grade of “F” if a grade is not assigned within the specified time period.

A student may petition for an extension not to exceed one year because of extenuating circumstances. A written request by the student must be submitted to and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Students may not re-register to take a course for which an “I” designation has been received until the grade designation has been changed.

Withdrawal (W): A “W” is assigned for a student-initiated withdrawal during the period printed in the Academic Calendar in this catalog. A student must provide formal notification to the Director of Student Information/Registrar by completing a “Course Drop” form or complete a “Withdrawal” form. Students who stop attending a course (or all courses) without dropping or withdrawing officially will receive failing grades.

Audit (AU): Audit means enrollment in a course for no grade or credit. A student must declare an intent to audit by the end of the first week of classes of the semester he/she intends to audit. Auditing students will be required to pay the same tuition and fees as assessed for a class taken for credit.

Verified Competency (CR): The Verified Competency designation is used to indicate a status for which recognition is earned, but no grade is assigned. A “CR” will be recorded to document competencies demonstrated via test-out, credit-for-experience, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP) options.

Grade Pending (GP): The Grade Pending designation is used to indicate that no grade has yet been submitted for the course. Upon receipt of the final grade, the Director of Student Information/Registrar will record the appropriate grade.

Administrative Withdrawal (AW): An “AW” is a withdrawal from a course or the college initiated by faculty or an administrator.