General Education Philosophy

The term “general education” at UACCB refers to providing opportunities for students to acquire a body of knowledge and skills held to be relevant to living and working in a diverse society in the twenty-first century. The College has established a required core of general education courses in both its associate degree and technical certificate programs. UACCB also offers general education courses designed to meet the legislative requirements of the State Minimum Core for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs.

The general education curriculum is the primary avenue through which students improve their ability to think, reason, compute, communicate, and adapt to change. UACCB faculty and staff are committed to reinforcing, enhancing, and supporting the knowledge and skills acquired through this body of courses and are further committed to introducing general skills and knowledge not necessarily covered in depth in other classes.

The UACCB general education curriculum will provide each student the opportunity to:

  1. Improve communication skills, which include listening, speaking, writing, and reading.
  2. Increase proficiency with computation skills including understanding and applying mathematical concepts and reasoning as well as analyzing and using numerical data.
  3. Increase proficiency in critical thinking and problem-solving skills such as creative thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and decision making.
  4. Develop technological and information management skills, including the collection, analysis and organization of material from varied sources.
  5. Develop professional work habits, ethics, and interpersonal skills.

The General Education Program for Associate of Applied Science students is designed to be completed in the first three semesters of full-time attendance. The requirements in English and mathematics are to be met before 30 hours of technical course work are completed.