Credit for Courses

UACCB uses the credit hour as a standard unit of credit for college-level courses. A credit hour is defined as an institutionally established equivalency that reasonably approximates some minimum amount of student work reflective of the amount of work expected in a Carnegie unit. One semester credit hour equals 15 hours of academic work. For example, during fall and spring semesters, one credit hour = 15 weeks x (1 classroom hour + 2 out-of-class work hours). Classes that meet three hours per week, for example, carry three hours of credit per semester. Laboratory and clinical hours are calculated using a different formula. Please review Campus Procedure 590.0 Credit Hour Policy for details.


Repeating Courses

Requests to repeat a course are subject to UACCB Campus Procedure 588.0 Repeat Course Enrollment A student may repeat a course completed at the College for the purpose of grade point adjustment by reenrolling in the same course. Student s must work with their academic advisor to complete and submit a "Course Repeat Request Form" to the Registrar's Office before the established first date of the semester in which they intend to retake the course.

Students repeating a course are subject to the following provisions:

  • A student may repeat a previously taken course in an attempt to improve the original earned grade. Students who fail and/or drop a course may repeat the course up to three times.
  • Should a student choose to repeat a previously taken course, both course attempts will remain on the student’s transcript with the highest grade being used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average.   
  • The credit hours completed/repeated course will only apply one time toward the student’s graduation requirements. 
  • Courses taken more than once must be the exact same course as previously attempted.  If changes in the course number, title, or credit hours have occurred, the course will not be deemed as repeating. 
  • “W” Withdrawals, “I” Incompletes, or “AW” Administrative Withdrawals will not replace an original course grade. 
  • Independent Study courses and Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) cannot be used to repeat a course.
  • Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should be aware that some institutions may average both the original and the subsequent grades for determining transfer eligibility. Students should check with that college or their Academic Advisor prior to enrolling for a course on a repeat basis.
  • Notes regarding satisfactory academic progress, program-specific requirements, financial aid, and other sources of student funding.
    • Nursing and Health Professions programs have specific guidelines for repeating a course. Please refer to the appropriate program handbook for these guidelines.
    • If a student is making satisfactory academic progress, repeating a course for the second time should not adversely affect financial aid eligibility. Consult the Financial Aid office or an academic advisor before attempting a course for the third time. Independent study may not be used to repeat a failed course.
    • Repeating a course may have implications for a student's academic standing, such as probation or dismissal. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor to understand the potential impact on their academic progression.
    • The Veterans Administration has specific regulations. Please contact the Veteran’s Affairs Certifying Official at , call 870-612-2160, or stop by the Advising Office in MCB 229 prior to pursuing a course repeat.