Advanced Placement Program

UACCB offers credit based on the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. This program gives students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and to receive advanced placement and/or credit at UACCB. The AP examinations are offered annually by high schools that participate in the program. Students should contact their high school counselor for information about the AP exams.

High school students seeking credit for AP examinations should contact the Director of Student Information/Registrar at UACCB. The college offers credit for the following AP exams:

AP Course UACCB Course Minimum Score
Art History  FAV 2023 Visual Art 3
Biology BIO 1033/1031 Biology for General Education w/Lab 3
Biology  BIO 1103/1101 Biology for Majors w/Lab 4
Calculus AB MTH 2004 Calculus I 3
Calculus BC MTH 2004 Calculus I and MTH 2014 Calculus II 3
English Language ENG 1103 English Comp I 3
  ENG 1103 English Comp I and ENG 1203 English Comp II 4
Macroeconomics ECN 2013 Macroeconomics 3
Microeconomics ECN 2023 Microeconomics 3
Psychology  PSY 1003 General Psychology 3
US Gov't & Politics POS 2103 United States Gov’t 3
U.S. History  HIS 2003 United States History I 3
  HIS 2003 U.S. History I and HIST 2013 U.S. History II 4
Spanish Literature  SPA 1003 Spanish I 3
  SPA 1003 Spanish I and SPAN 1013 Spanish II 4
Statistics  MTH 2053 Statistics 3