Academic Clemency Policy

Academic Clemency processes and procedures are guided by Campus Procedure 580.0 Academic Clemency Policy.

A student is able to remove from the calculation of his/her GPA all grades received from previous UACCB coursework that meet the criteria identified below. Students who receive academic clemency will forfeit the use of any college credit earned prior to the date the clemency is effective. The effective date will be the date the student re-entered college. The principal benefit to the student will be in the recalculation of the GPA. The principal cost to the student will be that none of the prior coursework can be applied towards a degree or certificate. The granting of academic clemency does not automatically reinstate Financial Aid eligibility.

Academic clemency is intended to assist students who may have tried college at an earlier date but were unsuccessful due to personal reasons. The assumption is made that when students return to college after a prolonged absence, they do so with a different attitude and a greater likelihood of success.

Students wishing to invoke the Academic Clemency Policy must complete the Request for Academic Clemency form in the online or from the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will verify that the student meets the following criteria for academic clemency approval:

  • Separation from all regionally accredited higher education course work for two calendar years
  • The successful completion of 12 semester hours of college credit at UACCB with a 2.0 or higher GPA following the two-year break in studies.

Students are not free to pick and choose which courses can be included in the Academic Clemency request. All courses prior to the 2-year break in studies must be included.  There are no fees associated with Academic Clemency requests or awards.